Booking Procedures

How do I make a booking with Experience Andamans?

There are 3 different ways to make booking with Experience Andamans

  • Select from Hotels, Trips, Activities and Ferry and add to My Trip. Pay the initial confirmation amount and upon confirmation from Experience Andamans pay the amount in instalments through online/bank (NEFT/IMPS) modes.
  • Select from Hotels, Trips, Activities and Ferry and add to My Trip. Call our customer representative to confirm the availability or to help you with any clarification. Upon confirmation from Experience Andamans pay the amount in instalments through online/bank (NEFT/IMPS) modes.
  • Call Experience Andamans team and create a trip for yourself. Verify the created trip in My Trip and then make the payment.

Please note that the trip is confirmed only when Experience Andamans confirms your trip. If the trip cannot be confirmed then the initial confirmation amount of Rupees 500/- is refunded. Among the above three options. Option 1 is recommended and is fast.

What is the Initial Confirmation amount?

After you have selected your trip, you have an options to make partial payment depending upon what you have selected (Ferry/Package/Hotel/Activity.) Since Andaman Islands is a hot spot for tourism we have faced multiple scenarios when the rooms are not available or the tickets are not available and many other things. To avoid such scenarios you pay only the partial amount and we go through various aspects of your trip before giving the confirmation. Post confirmation you should proceed to make the payment in instalments. Please note that, if you are making a payment through credit card system then the transaction charges charged by the Payment gateway will be applicable. Other options to make payment can be through bank transfer which is same amount as mentioned in My trip. Experience Andamans account details and payment procedure will be mentioned in the email after initial confirmation.

Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase with Experience Andamans?

There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on Experience Andamans. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see under My Trip is exactly what you pay. Our low cost goes to the process we follow to help customers with the best possible price. The initial confirmation amount is paid online through CCAvenue Payment gateway. The other instalments needs to be paid through cheque or bank transfer. If you prefer to make the full payment through the online payment gateway then the transaction charges applied to us by the gateway is applicable. This directly goes to the payment gateway.

What is Cash on Arrival?

Travellers have an option to pay a limited amount of the total Trip amount after arrival. This can only happen after discussion with Experience Andamans team. Please NOTE : If you have only purchased ferry tickets or boat ride tickets then full amount should be paid before we proceed with the bookings. The after arrival feature is applicable to Sightseeing, Packages and Activities Only.

Which Payment Gateway you have?

We use CCAvenue payment gateway. All online transactions are monitored by CCAvenue.

How will you keep track of the payment made through NEFT/Cheque?

Every confirmed user get a form where he mentions the payment details made offline and the same is checked at our end and confirmed. This same is reflected in your profile as well.

What is the turnaround time by Experience Andamans?

The turnaround time is within 24-48 Hours until NO Holidays comes in between.

How will I know whether the payment has been received with Experience Andamans?

If you are making online payment through Experience Andamans website then you will receive an automated response, confirming the receipt. If you are making offline payment through NEFT/Cheque, then our team sends you an email with the confirmation. The same is updated in your My Trip section under your profile. We request you to fill the form present under my trip section after the payment is made through NEFT/Cheque.

What if we are planning to make the payment after arrival?

This can be done after discussion with Experience Andamans team. The pending amount will show as is in your my trip section and will be updated when the final payment is received.