1. What is Trip Planner?

Trip planner is a platform that helps traveller to create their own trip to the Andaman Islands.

2. Why do we pay 500/- Rupees?

500 Rupees is taken as a token for your trip. After you pay 500 Rupees, we get a confirmation of all the hotels you selected. An Andaman Expert reviews your selected trip and verifies the feasibility of the trip. Any suggestion, better for you is recommended during a call made by Experience Andamans team. For any reason, if the room is not available or if the trip is not feasible then we call and suggest you alternatives. However, if nothing works out then the amount of Rupees 500/- is refunded.

3. Is it a must to pay 500/- Rupees through Trip Planner?

Yes. Your trip will be taken into consideration only when the confirmation amount is paid. If you are not sure what to do then you may send us an email at info@experienceandamans.com

4. Is priority service provided to Trip Planner customers?

The priority is given to all our customers. However, people who book through trip planner are certain what they require and this helps us to serve them in a better way.

5. How is the remaining payment done?

The remaining payment can be made through NEFT Bank Transfer/Cheque. You can even pay through Credit Card but that will cost 5% Extra as this charged to us by Payment Gateway.

6. What if the selected Room, trip or activity is not available during our selected date?

We suggest you with alternative but if not possible then full refund is done.

7. Is there are possibility to change the trip after paying 500/- rupees?

Yes you can.

8. What are the options for Cash on Arrival?

Cash on arrival can be availed only on Day trips and 10% of the Day trip amount can be paid after arrival.

For More refer Booking Procedures.