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Early Days - Going back to the 90's

When I was young, going just to Carbyn's Cove Beach(approximately 10 km from where I stay) used to be a big issue. Even then I walked or cycled(which came pretty late the Hercules Ranger Cycle, if you remember) my way to reach there to enjoy the calm, cool environment and to swim with friends. We were thrilled when it came to go out to swim, who knew we could find a Secret Japanese bunker or a trunk full of gold coins, which the Japanese left in the Islands in 1945. Our Adrenalin used to be at its peak when we traveled from Port Blair to Rangat to our aunts house. The only land route then, and now is the one which passes through the Jarawa region. We used to hear stories about how Jarawa used to throw arrows on the vehicles, which passes though there area. We expected, such instances during our visit, however we were lucky not to have witnessed it.

Our history goes back before 1942, when India was struggling for Independence. The last known contact, is a letter from an uncle from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh(A state in India). Since, 1946 we have no traces about where our family is. Some say they were killed in riots during partition, some say they live in Pakistan and many more stories as usual though "One day I will find the roots of my family."


Life moved on, we grew up in Port Blair, completed our schooling and suddenly things started looking bigger when we first came to the mainland in the year 2004 to pursue further studies. I completed my BBA(Bachelors in Business Administration) from Madras University and MBA in Marketing and Finance from IIPM in Chennai. I later joined India Infoline as a manager. Life was as usual, work load increased and I started loosing touch with my family and friends. My visit to the islands reduced to nearly once in a year. Many asked me what are you doing here and not in the islands?, and I seriously had NO answers?

The Decision and Experience Andamans

Deep within I had a feeling to go back and do something better for the islands. One day, in the year 2010 I took the courage to leave my lucrative job and come back to the islands to start Island Financial Services, which today provides financial solutions to many Private and Government agencies in the Andaman Islands. The firm has also become a Government recognized Common Service Centre for the locals in the islands and I feel very proud of this.

All during this, my friends and colleagues used to take suggestions from me regarding their travel plan to the Andaman Islands. I used to get excited after knowing about their visit, I made efforts to help them with their travel plan and used to refer them to people who organized trips. This used to happen when in many instances I encountered my friends saying "Andaman has nothing different and their travel experience was not as they expected." I didn't believed what they actually said. I knew something big was missing because we knew the islands otherwise. The true experience of the islands is not catered to the travellers and this is when the founding principles of Experience Andamans was formed. Where not just the hotel, not just the vehicle, not just one particular instance of a trip is exciting but the trip as whole is an experience where people write their own stories. I started working towards one question, How to help and make people aware about such experiences? Browsed over the internet and everything pretty much was not making much sense. Many things, though amazing was not mentioned and was not catered to. Azhar, a Computer Science Engineer from NIT Durgapur who is an avid traveller joined me in this initiative after returning back from the United States.

We want everyone to know that in the 21st century there exist a place, which has approximately 92% forest land, around 570 Islands, rich marine life, breathtaking virgin beaches, active Volcanoes and a place not lead by caste/religion differences. Where you come Enjoy, Explore and Experience.

The Solution and ahead

We worked upon a concept about how to help the travellers and we came up with some of the most unique travel ideas, currently catered in the Andaman Islands. We have build a platform called "Trip Planner" that helps people to create their own exiting and exotic trip in the Andaman Islands. I believe this is the first one in India. Another exciting point about our team is that none of our customer representatives can join our team unless they have visited the attractions and activities we cater, because we bring the expertise in Andaman Islands and not just content reading, which anyone can do. To us each customer should get the experience right from the moment they interact with us whether it be our website, knowledge, services or products.

To us Andaman Islands means a lot, and in one way or the other we will be helping everyone in the islands and around.

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