The Andaman and Nicobar Islands form a gorgeous archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, with its location between Myanmar and mainland India. If you were always mesmerized by the exotic beauty of islands that managed to remain untouched by the air of modernity, then Andaman and Nicobar islands are exactly what you are looking for. The islands are famous because of its natural beauty, which for sure is one of the best in India. However, we will leave it up to you to decide on your visit to the Andaman Islands. Now mentioned below are the various things to do in Andaman Islands. These things are must do in the islands and you should never miss the experience when in the Andaman Islands. Here we start from Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, Baratang Island and Diglipur Island. What it means is that we take you right from South Andaman to North Andaman Islands. If you are not sure how the islands look then you might want to check the map of the Andaman Islands. A vacation in the islands would be perfect to let go of any quotidian worries, a chance to reconnect with your inner self, an opportunity to witness the nature’s beauties and extraordinary landscapes. But even if the islands look untamed, they are filled with fantastic places to see and things to do, making your time spent here unforgettable.

1. Visit the best beach in India - Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

When you think of an island, you also think about sunny beaches, covered with fine sand. If you want to find such a place here, you will need to go to the Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island. You can sunbathe or swim in the pristine waters. And if you would like some shade, the beach is right next to a rather thick forest, with high mahua trees, where you can also find some beautiful open shelters and benches were you can relax. Thus, you can come to the beach and visit the area even if the weather is not the warmest and sunniest because you will always have where to retreat, in complete safety, and enjoy the salty breeze.

This beach has been consistently rated as the best beach in India, and there is a reason so. Photographers, be ready with your kit as this attraction will give you a lot of options to get that perfect click you have been waiting to take all this long.

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach havelock

2. Boat Ride or Trek to Elephant Beach, Havelock Island and Do Snorkeling

Another great activity will be snorkeling, especially if you take a trip with a boat up to the Elephant Beach in Havelock island. You can always take a boat trip to the Elephant Beach and enjoy snorkeling there. The clear, shallow and warm waters are perfect for this activity. These exact conditions led to the development of coral reefs in the area, this is why this place is so sought after when it comes to snorkeling. Elephant Beach offers a great opportunity to watch the intriguing and beautiful marine ecosystem, in its purest way. You can even trek to Elephant Beach. Accompanied by a guide who knows the area like the back of his palm, you can enjoy all the beauties this beach can offer you, including the forest and local wildlife. The beach can be easily explored by boat, but only by foot you will be able to see and hear everything, having a fuller and more satisfying experience out in the open. But don’t think that the walk through the area will be easy. Expect some challenges as well, because you will have to pass through an area of mangrove forest and marshland. Still, don’t worry about it, because the guide will be right there to guide you through.

Many confuse themselves with the name of this attraction "Elephant Beach", actually there are no Elephants that roam around this destination. It was around 10 years back or may be more when Andaman Forest Department used its Elephant to log wood at this attraction.

Elephant beach Havelock Island

Elephant beach havelock

3. Coastal Ride to Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island

Well, this destination is mostly a sightseeing place to spend some leisure time in the Havelock Island. The drive to reach Kalapathar Beach at Havelock is way better than Radhanagar Beach. An open turquoise colored waters towards your left on your way to Kalapathar beach makes it an extremely nice ride. The road is a little narrow, however, the destination is worth a visit to spend couple of hours. Travelers can hire 2 wheeler or Cab to reach this attraction in Havelock Island.

Kalapathar beach Havelock Island

Kalapathar beach havelock

4. Go Scuba Diving. You will never forget this experience

Now do not miss on this activity after coming so far to the islands. Well, many fear the waters and rightly so. However, for any water activities in the Andaman Islands you do not need to know swimming. Actually, all the water activities are divided into beginner or non swimmer course and the advanced course. For non swimmer course, travelers do not require any swimming skills. For advanced courses, swimming skills as well as in some cases a certificate of your previous diving experiences may be required. The islands are blessed with one of the best coral reefs and huge schools of Baracuda’s and GT ‘s can be seen during your dive. The reef varies for both advanced and beginner courses. Scuba Diving in Andaman can be done at North Bay Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Chidiatapu. Even if you never did such a thing, you will scuba dive in a controlled environment, you will receive proper training before the underwater trip, and someone will always make sure that you will be okay the entire time. The islands have one of the most beautiful marine ecosystems, so it would be pity not to see them while you are here.

Scuba Diving Andaman

Diving with turtles in havelock

5. Visit the Historic Cellular Jail, Port Blair and Pay a tribute

In case you are interested in finding out details about the history of the area, and stories that actually happened in real life, then the Cellular Jail in Port Blair must be one of your objectives in the area. It is best to visit it in the presence of a guide, this way you will find precious pieces of information concerning the past histories of the islands, and you will understand more about what happened here. As a British colony, the people on the islands continually fought against the British, hoping to regain their freedom one day. So the land, and jail, on the island, both have many things to say concerning a tumultuous past.

Cellular Jail Andaman Islands

Cellular jail Port Blair

6. Boat Ride To Jolly Bouy Island and Snorkeling, Port Blair

The visit at the prison is too serious for you? Then perhaps you would like a place where you can relax and enjoy fun activities. Don’t miss visiting the Jolly Buoy Island. It is a place where you can enjoy snorkeling and other fun water sports such as Glass boat ride. The area is safe for children and very clean, so it is very suitable for families to hang out. Jolly Bouy Island comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. This destination is opened only for 7 months in a year. Mainly to preserve the reef in this destination. When Jolly Bouy is closed then Red Skin Island or Tarmugli island opens. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a No plastic zone so you might not be allowed to carry any loose plastic bottles and bags to this destination. Carry an extra pair of clothes to this destination as you will not be able resist yourself after seeing the waters at this destination.

Jolly Bouy island Andaman

Jolly Bouy aerial view

7. Visit to the First Administrative Settlement of British in Andaman – Ross Island, Port Blair

If you want to see two different cultures colliding, then you must visit Ross Island in Port Blair. Once this place was the British colony’s capital, so there are many British vestiges in the area. Here you will find an old British church, a bakery, and, among the ruins of the area, you will see beautiful deer and a high diversity of birds, from peacocks to hens. Still, the area is just a reminiscence of what once was, so don’t expect to find restaurants or cafés over here. Better grab a snack with you. But the calm environment, the almost tame and friendly animals, will make you feel like entering into a world like no other. This destination requires around 3 – 4 Hours. In case, you wish to visit this destination in the evening then you can go for a Light and Sound in the evening at Ross Island.

Ross island Andaman Islands

Ross Island Port Blair

8. Visit Neil Island – Sitapur Beach Sunrise and the Natural Rock Formation

Do you want to find a place where peace, quiet and crystal clear waters are the only treasures around? The Neil Island has all of these. You can enjoy the beauties of the island while riding a bike, slowing enjoying the views, or you can discover the beautiful marine wildlife since it is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are a very few shops rather close to the beach if you like to buy something. But otherwise, it is an oasis where you can recharge your batteries and relax.

The Natural Rock formation is a must visit destination in Neil island. To get a closer look at the Natural rock formation some trekking is required. In addition, only during low tide you can visit this destination. A local guide or our Neil Island representative will help you all through this. If you love early mornings then this might be your chance to get up early in Neil Island to visit sunsrise at Sitapur beach. Its just mesmerizing to see the sunrise at Neil Island.

Natural rock formation neilisland

Neil Island Jetty

9. Sunset at Chidiatapu, Port Blair

For the ones passionate about discovering the wonders of nature, the Chidiya Tapu at Port Blair is the perfect place to witness them. A lot of driftwood and uprooted trees will make the sandy beaches over here look rather weary, like coming from a different world. The place is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and bird watching. To catch the sunset, it is recommended to be at Chidiya Tapu around 4 p.m. In the month of October, the sunset happens around 5 p.m. Also, if you want to go bird watching, the best time to do it is in the morning, when they are all highly active. The place does not have rare species, but it is a spectacle of nature that you shouldn’t miss.

chidiatapu sunset andaman

munda_pahad andaman trekking

10. Sea Walk at Andaman Islands - North Bay Island at Port Blair or Elephant Beach at Havelock Island

If you are wondering about the diversity of activities that can be done on the Andaman and Nicobar islands, you should know that many revolved around water, marine wildlife and enjoying unspoiled corners of nature. You don’t know how to dive, but you would like to see the marine ecosystem underwater? Then your best option is a Sea Walk in North Bay or Elephant Beach. Yes, it is pretty much a walk, even if it happens on the bottom of the sea. You will wear a protective helmet that will provide you all the needed oxygen while you can explore the underwater surroundings in the safest manner. This might be an experience you don’t want to miss.

Sea walk andaman

Sea walk north bay and havelock

11. Fascinated about sailing and exploring the wide opening of the sea? - Explore ride in MV Island Explorer

How about doing this in an old, but restored ship? The MV Island Explorer is an old traditional boat still running, made in the style accustomed in the South East Asia. It was made to give you the best cruising experience of your life, by respecting safety standards as well. So do not be fooled by the way this boat looks, because it is as reliable as any modern boat out there. It was preferred to be kept this way for the magic and nostalgia of the past decades. And you must admit that it is quite romantic as well. The point is that there are so many things to do and see on the Andaman and Nicobar islands that you won’t have time to get bored. But the best part about everything concerning the islands is that all the places are charged with a certain serenity that will also help you relax and unwind, not letting you feel tired, no matter how many places you already visited.

Island explorer andaman

Island explorer andaman ross north

12. Glass Boat Ride – Dolphine - Port Blair

Well, for those who does not want to get into the waters, then this is surely something that you should not miss. Andaman Dolphine Glass boat is a high speed glass bottom boat that helps you explore the reefs of the islands without you getting into the waters. The boat is really fast and those having back problems may avoid this ride.

Glass boat ride andaman

Andaman dolphine glass boat

13. Semi Submarine Ride - Coral Safari - Port Blair

Well, if not for the actual submarine. You can always get into Coral Safari Semi Submarine to explore the underwater marine life. Here you sit inside this semi submarine and take a joy ride while exploring the rich marine life of the islands.

Semi Submarine Port Blair Andaman

Coral safari Andaman

14. View the Andaman Airport at Port Blair from Joggers Park

Ever got a chance to see the entire runway? Now, at Joggers park in Port Blair you can view the runway at Por

Andaman Airport

Port blair airport

15. Paani Puri and Chatapati at Gandhi Park - Port Blair

If you are a street food fan. Then you should visit Gandhi Park. Ask for "Chatpati" and you will love it for sure.

Paani Puri Andaman

16. Trek to Mundapahad at Chidiatapu - Port Blair

Trek to the south east corner of the Andaman. Chidiatapu is mostly visited by travellers for sunset, however, those who love trekking should take a trekking tour at Chidiatapu. The open sea here is just amazing. The trek to reach the peak of Chidiatapu is for around 1 Hour from the shoreline.

Munda Pahad trekking

Chidiatapu Trekking

17. Sea Plane and Helicopter Ride

Sea Plane services have been stopped in the islands :(. We understand it sounds pretty bad. Well, the other option is Helicopter, however, there are only 6 seats available and you need to be lucky to get a ticket. To be honest the chances are less, and the ticket opens only the day of departure. You might want to try your luck after arriving in Andamans.

Sea Plane in Andaman

helicopter ride in andaman

18. Purchase Gifts from Sagarika Emporium - Port Blair

Possibly the most genuine shop for coral artifacts. A Government operated Emporium that sells coral and wood artifacts.

Sagarika Emporium Port Blair

Sagarika Andaman

19. Take a Cruise ride from Port Blair to Havelock Island or Neil Island

Well, avail both Makruzz and Green Ocean Cruise ride on your trip to Havelock and Neil Island.

Makruzz Andaman

Green Ocean Andaman

20. Walk on the long stretch of beach at Havelock Island

You will love the long walk of the beach resorts lined up at Beach No 3 and Beach No 5.

Lined Up resort havelock island

beach no 3 havelock

21. Stay in a beach resort in Havelock and Neil Island

Now, after coming so far do not stay in just any hotel. Try to stay as close to the beach as possible.

Beach resort havelock

Neil Island Andaman

22. Watch Sunset at Neil Island – Laxmanpur beach at Neil Island is an excellent Sunset point in Neil Island.

Pearl Park beach Resort at Neil Island offers the most amazing view of Sunset at Neil Island.

Neil Island sunset

23. Try Sea Food

Now, if you are a vegetarian then we are sorry, for everyone else don’t just go away without eating seafood in the islands.

best sea food andaman

24. Visit Baratang Island Lime Stone Caves and Mud Volcano – Explore the jungle side of the islands.

Explore the jungle side of the islands. Baratang island Tour is one of the best in Andaman and if you are ready for a whole day trip of around 10 Hours then do not miss on this tour. The limestone Cave and Mud Volcano is worth visiting.

Baratang Trip andaman

Limestone Cave

25. Go Fishing in Andaman Islands – Catch your fish

Andaman is an ultimate heaven for fishing enthusiast. Go for game fishing in Andaman, mostly at Port Blair as Port Blair offers the best catch in the islands. Havelock and Neil Island is fine as well, however, if you need better fishing experience then waters around Port Blair should be your pick.

Fishing in Andaman

Big game fishing Andaman Islands

26. Turtle Nesting at Diglipur Island

Andaman Islands are visited by varied kind of turtles during the month of December - March for hatching. Now, if you are coming for more than 6 Nights to Andaman then you can customize to tour to Diglipur to see the turtle nesting. A tour package to diglipur will get this covered for

Turtle Nesting Andaman

Green Ocean Andaman

27. Twin Island Ross and Smith at Diglipur

We bet, you have never seen something like this. Its the Ross and Smith Island at North Andaman, Diglipur. If you are willing to stay for more number of days in Andamans then you should explore the North Andaman islands. Take a Diglipur island tour to explore this destination.

Ross and Smith island Andaman

Ross and Smith island North Andaman

28. Purchase gift from this shop at Havelock Island - Anup Eco Arts Havelock

This guy is a gem, he and his team have the skill to create fancy looking ornaments using coconut shell. This guys shop is right at the Havelock market.

Turtle Nesting Andaman

Green Ocean Andaman

29. Walk by the Marina Park in the evening - Port Blair

Well, this is the necklace of the Andaman Islands. A perfect set-up for evening walk at Marina Park. If you are looking for any calm and composed place to spend an evening, then you must try a walk at Marina Park in Port Blair.

Marina Park Andaman

30. Visit Mount Harriet - The Second Highest Peak in Andamans - Port Blair

The second highest peak of the Andaman Islands, Mount Harriet offers amazing panaromic view of the islands. Also view the 20 Rupee Note location from this location. Madhuban at Mount Harriet is a good trekking trail that many adventure lovers love to explore. You can even go for bird watching here.

Mount Harriet Andaman

20 Rupee note andaman

31. Visit to Cinque Island - The twin island Cinque is just mesmerizing

Cinque island is another wonder of the islands. A private boat has to be chartered to visit this destination. A special permit is required to land on Cinque Island. At Cinque Island you can go for fishing, Scuba Diving and snorkeling. Night stay on this island is not allowed, however, you can stay in a boat near this island. Our Cinque island Andaman tour explains one such tour.

Cinque island Andaman

32. Take a Luxury Yacht to explore the islands in the Andaman archipelago

Avail a luxury yacht and explore the islands by yourself.

Luxury Yacht Andaman Islands

33. Relax by the beach

Let go worries and explore the beauty of the islands. How about just lazying at the beach?

Relax by the resorts in Havelock and Neil

34. Be Photo Ready

Well, each location in Andaman is a photo perfect location so always be ready to take that lovely profile pic :)

Beach side picture Andaman

35. Take Window seats in flight. The view before landing at the Port Blair airport is just awesome.

How about getting the best bird eye view of the islands? The view on the left side of the flight on your onward journey to Port Blair is just amazing. Make sure you do web checkin at the earliest to not miss this experience.

Flight view from Top Andaman

36. Take Government Ferry Rides

Some feel that Government Ferry in Andaman is not that great or luxurious. Well, its not luxurious for sure, however, its the lifeline of the islands. You must try to explore one of these ferry on your trip to Andaman.

Government Ferry Andaman islands

Inside Government Ferry Andaman

37. Ride on a Vehicle Ferry – The lifeline of the islands

Now, this is how we go from one island to the other with our vehicles. If you wish to experience the vehicle ferry rides then you have to visit Mount Harriet, Rangat or Diglipur. Its wonderful to see how, vehicles are taken from one island to the other.

Vehicle Ferry Andaman

38. Kayak at Havelock Island

Kayaking is recently getting famous in the islands. These tours are usually operated from October - March. Havelock island is one great destination to do kayaking in Andaman Islands.

Kayaking in Andaman

39. Capture Sunrise in Andamans

Well, sunrise in the islands is just another story. Calm clear environment and settled waters make it a perfect place to view sunrise in the islands. The best place to view sunrise in the islands are on your way to Carbyns Cove beach at Port Blair, Beach No. 3 and 5 at Havelock Island and Sitapur Beach at Neil Island.

Sunrise in Andaman

Sunrise in Andaman

40. Go for a Candle Lit Dinner – How about a perfect setup of Candle lit dinner by the beach.

Couples who are coming on Andaman Honeymoon Packages must avail Candle lit dinner, and we recommend it do it by the beach side. Avail Candle lit dinner either at Havelock Island or Neil Island and you will cherish the experience all your life

Candle Lit Dinner Andaman

Candle lit dinner Havelock

41. Avail a private charter to visit the only active volcano in India, Barren Island

How about visiting the only Active volcano in India, Barren Island? Well, you will need some mettle to visit this destination. A private charter boat is required to visit Barren Island. A 1 night 2 day trip is a must required to visit this island. Your overnight stay will be in a boat during this tour. A group of upto 6 persons or 12 persons are required to do this tour.

Barren Island Andaman

Barren Island

42. Boat Ride to North Bay Island, Port Blair

North Bay Island is another great destination for a day tour to enjoy the water activities such as Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Snorkeling, Glass Boat Ride. The light house seen at the back of a 20 Rupee Note is located at North Bay Island. Isn't that a wonderful fact to know :)

North Bay Island Andaman

North Bay Island Port Blair

Now, isn't there a lot of things in the islands? Sometimes, it might get difficult to choose what is best for your trip. Well, at any moment if you require our help then you can send an email at or call us at +91-9933275656 (10 AM to 7 PM IST)



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