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    Diglipur Island is an amazing destination and this destination brings forward an altogether different kind of experiences not seen in South Andamans. Now after the first best attraction in Diglipur Island, Ross and Smith Island, turtle nesting is a very famous activity here. Kalipur beach is situated strategically where different kinds of turtles come annually to lay eggs. The 4 kinds of the turtles that visit this beach are Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Hawk Bill and Green Turtles. The season when you can spot these turtles is from October to March. If you are lucky then you can spot some in April as well.
    A very nice resort, Pristine Beach Resort is located near this beach where you can stay for a night.

    Trip Overview:
    The trip begins after sunset as this is the best time to see a turtle in action (Mostly, turtles lay eggs after sunset). If required, we can arrange the trip during the day as well. However, our personal preference is after sunset. A guide takes you to kalipur beach, here we wander to find turtles who are busy laying their eggs. Various locations where a turtle was seen earlier are checked. During this trip you will see turtles, however we are specifically looking forward to the ones who are laying eggs. Now, this can be tricky and while we are searching for the turtles we should be silent and not make noice to distract the turtle. Later, once the trip ends we bring you back to your hotel/resort.

    Note : You are not allowed to touch or play with the turtles or their eggs.


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    • Kalipur Beach Turtle Nesting Tour

      Per Adult Price: र 1750

      Per Child Price (0-2Yrs.): र 500

      Destination(s): Kalipur Beach

      Diglipur, India

      र 1750

      Offer Price
      2 person र 3400
      3 person र 3600
      4 person र 3750
      5 person र 3900
      6 person र 4500

      Pay Only 40%
      To Confirm
      Balance after Arrival.


    • Turtle Nesting at Kalipur Beach
    • Guide Accompanies during Nesting


    3 Hours

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